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To secure your rental, please e-mail or call 773.643.4062.  We typically reply to rental requests on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. If you need an immediate response, please state your rental need in your e-mail subject line.

Refund Policy for Single-use and/or Recurring Rental Fees:  A $50 NON-REFUNDABLE processing fee applies to all rentals.  Rental fees, minus the non-refundable $50 processing fee, may be refunded IF AND ONLY IF written notification of cancellation is received by HPNC at least 30 days prior to the scheduled date of rental use.  Non-appearance does not constitute cancellation of the rental agreement, and in such an instance, the renter will remain responsible for full payment of rental fees.  HPNC does not offer deferred, reduced, or pro-rated space rental fees.