Hyde Park Neighborhood Club has been proud to partner with MAPSCorps for 5 years to employ high school students as community data scientists. MAPSCorps staff train youth to apply scientific method and mobile technology to capture data about all the public-facing businesses and organizations serving their community. The program engages youth to close the information gap in communities so we can access the resources we all need to do good, stay well and live long.

The teens who are employed in the program become confident and capable communicators and meet high standards as they develop basic job skills. The teens learn about civic engagement by asking questions and learning about their local communities. They help communities learn more about their assets and use critical thinking to figure how best to present information to stakeholders and generate solutions to important community issues.

This summer teens at HPNC will be diving into the issue of gentrification and name brands and examining how HPNC, as a non-name brand organization, could market more effectively to teens. Past projects include understanding the correlation between how safe people felt in their communities and the number of places to exercise as well as examining the accessibility of teens programming in neighborhoods.

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