Beginning Tuesday, March 17th, HPNC is offering Emergency Care spots for elementary age children of UC Medical Center staff.

Hours will be 8 am – 6 p.m.

Preregistration is REQUIRED. Families may register on a daily basis. Prices are as follows:

$15/day per child & $25 /day maximum per family

Medical Center employee ID required.

Note: This program is exclusive to the UC Medical Center, including BSD.

Staff Training for covid-19 safety: Our staff are trained in rigorous health and safety protocol and will be diligent in efforts to protect the children and themselves from illness. Classrooms will be at half capacity to facilitate social distancing requirements as outlined by public health experts.

Each child should bring their own nut-free lunch and a full change of clothes.

NOTE: There will be a health screen each morning upon arrival to ensure that no child has a fever or other signs of active illness. This may include forehead temperature check. Parents will be called immediately to pick up a child who begins to display signs of illness mid-day.

Please DO NOT bring your child if he/she has a sick family member or has known exposure to COVID-19.

Questions? Email our Program Manager