Tumbling at HPNC introduces students to gymnastics and acrobatic training. Beginning with types of locomotion and moving into inversion and tumbling skills, this class will build coordination, strength, and flexibility in students while promoting concentration, determination and self-confidence. No prior experience is required.

2020 Spring Schedule – On Hold

Due to the Covid-19 public health crisis, this and other athletics at HPNC are on hold until it is determined safe to re-open. We hope you all are well!

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About our Instructor

Jeremiah O’Connor

A native of Chicago’s South Side, Jeremiah O’Connor began studying artistic gymnastics at age 12 as a supplement to his ballet training.  Throughout his career in dance, he continued to incorporate acrobatics in his regimen, finding that its mental and physical benefits enabled him to be more successful as a performing artist.  Jeremiah enjoys teaching children and helping them to discover their innate abilities.  He has directed and assisted programs for Lakeshore Academy of Artistic Gymnastics, IK Gymnastics, the Actors Gym, MSA Circus Arts, the Ruth Page Foundation School of Dance and the Performer’s School.

Want More Information?

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