Athletics are an important part of HPNC

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 public health risks, our athletic programs are suspended for now. We look forward to the day when we can resume athletic offerings in a way that is safe and healthy for all!

The following are photos and descriptions of the athletic programs HPNC offered for school year 2019-2020


The HPNC gym is the place for Basketball Skills Training and Open Gym. The Skills Training Program for boys and girls ages 5-14 is designed to develop fundamental skills while broadening players’ knowledge of positions and responsibilities for an increased basketball IQ. Coaches help build age-appropriate skills and sportsmanship through drills and scrimmages.

Open Gym is a time for youth ages 14-18 who are currently enrolled in high school to scrimmage in a supervised yet unstructured setting.  

Tumbling Registration Open

Tumbling & Acrobatics

Gymnastics, and more generally acrobatics, are unparalleled for the development of coordinated strength, flexibility and agility.  The focus and persistent effort required promote concentration, determination and self-confidence.  Children are challenged to overcome apprehensions, learn how to calculate risk effectively and use progressive training to achieve success at demanding endeavors.  

Roller Derby 

HPNC’s Saturday Roller Derby class is for kids 8 y/o+ who are interested in learning more about the sport of Roller Derby. Roller Derby builds physical strength, nimbleness and fosters confidence in kids of all ages.