The Neighborhood Club and its community partners offer multi-age, multi-faceted learning opportunities all year long. Whether your “baby” is learning to crawl or applying for college, our programs support their development.

“I have incredible peace of mind knowing that my son is at the Neighborhood Club. He is extremely well taken care of and the homework help is a huge plus!”
~E.P. (parent of a 1st grader)

“My favorite parts of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club are the job chart, the [academic] centers, and it’s fun!”
~Second Grader

“The Neighborhood Club is one of the few programs with children of all ages and races. It is a very artistically and academically beneficial.”
~ C.S.T. (parent of a kindergartener and 9th grader)

“I appreciate that the Neighborhood Club has programs for all ages of youth.”
~E.S. (parent of a 3rd, 8th, and 10th grader)