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HPNC Learning Hub and 2020 Learning Leadership Fund

In response to community input, we are preparing to become a learning hub for families seeking opportunities outside the home for their children to engage in remote learning and participate in enrichment activities in a supervised, safe setting.  

The concept of “learning pods” has recently garnered extensive media attention and has heightened concerns that low income children, who may not have access to and support for remote learning, will be left behind, exacerbating inequities and the opportunity gap within our communities. 

Equity: “HPNC is deeply committed to serving youth from all backgrounds. This has been true since our founding in 1909 and is especially important in today’s climate. Equity and inclusion are top of mind as we design this new program,’ says Angela Habr-Paranjape, HPNC’s Executive Director. “Our program will ensure equally high quality learning and enrichment for every child enrolled. While charging a fee for the full-day learning hub is unavoidable, HPNC is fully dedicated to all families and we plan to offer sliding-fee scholarships to those in need.”

Fundraising Goal: “HPNC is seeking to raise $100,000 in scholarship funds through its 2020 Learning Leadership Fund campaign,” says Sarah Diwan, Development Director. “We are grateful to the many supporters who stepped up to help HPNC through the past 4 months, making it possible for us to serve a small number of families over the summer while keeping HPNC strong for this essential next step. We are looking to our community once again in this unprecedented time because we believe many share our commitment to equal access to essential educational resources. We look forward to working together toward the goal of making our learning hub available to all,” she said.

More about the Learning Hub: Students ranging in age from kindergarten through 8th grade who will be grouped in “pods” of a maximum of 10 students each. Throughout each day, students will follow assigned virtual school schedules, with the assistance of classroom teachers as needed for real-time virtual work products and homework assignments. HPNC will also provide recreational and enrichment activities, which many children, especially those from lower incomes, may not otherwise have access to. These will include gardening and nature exploration, cooking/nutrition, a ‘Telling our Covid-19 Story’ writing and art center, photography, debate/public speaking, and science enrichment in partnership with the Museum of Science and Industry.

Scholarship Funds are Needed Immediately: Individuals wishing to contribute to HPNC’s 2020 Learning Leadership Scholarship Fund can do so now online or by sending a check through the mail to HPNC: 5480 S. Kenwood Ave., Chicago, IL, 60615.

Learning Leaders: Those who give $2020 and above will receive special recognition as Learning Leaders in future program communications and at HPNC’s annual fall celebration and fundraiser planned as a virtual event this year on Friday, November 6th.

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