Intro to HPNC’s Student Learning Hub!

With so many schools in Chicagoland transitioning to remote learning this fall, we adapted our usual After School Program to meet the needs of  families and students who need a caring, safe, and enriching environment for virtual learning activities.

We realize that developmentally, kids of all ages need plenty of recreation, social, and enrichment opportunities to balance academic work so we’ve built it all in! Each day will start with a centering, mindfulness or social emotional learning activity, move on to academics, and intersperse plenty of time for recreation, creative expression, reading, science activities, and more.

Your child’s days at HPNC will be well balanced, fun, and educational

Each classroom Hub will include up to 10 children. Teachers will help your child to keep up with his or her assigned school schedule and plan independent and group activities for free time. To accomodate children with varying schedules, each classroom will incorporate quiet independent activity centers for creative expression, reading, or educational toys or games. There will also be daily outdoor play and/or gym activities.

All the The Details

Program Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Ages: Youth ages Kindergarten through 8th Grade are welcome to register

Food: HPNC will provide breakfast and afternoon snack. Lunch should be packed each day from home.

Supplies & Electronics: Children should bring school supplies as required for their classroom assignments, including their own electronic devices, chargers, and headphones (please try to bring the device fully charged each morning). If your child is in need of a device or headphones, HPNC will have these on hand for check-out. Please contact us in advance if you will need to take advantage of this opportunity.

Schedules & Fees: Learning Hub fees average out to approximately $315 per week for full time attendance. Part time options – 2- or 3-days/week are also available. 

Illinois Action for Children (IAC):  Parents who want to utilize IAC funding must complete this survey as a first step toward enrollment. 

Scholarship Funds: Parents with questions about scholarship funds should complete our preliminary scholarship eligibility questionnaire and send an email to our Program Director prior to registration. Those interested in donating to the scholarship fund, may do so here. Thank you!

Health and Safety: HPNC maintains strict standards for health and safety as laid out by CDC, State, and City licensing guidelines. Children will be required to wear a mask inside at all times and masks will also stay on when outside if the kids are playing within 6-feet of one another. Parents should be sure that their child is accustomed to wearing a mask – over mouth and nose – and have extras on hand for rotation. Siblings will be placed in the same classrooms in order to reduce each family’s overall risk of COVID exposure. See Reopening Protocol below for more on health and safety.

Required Forms and Other Official Business:

Parent Handbook – New for Fall 2020

Required Forms – Every page must be completed by parent/guardian and packet submitted in person to HPNC or as email attachment

COVID Safety Protocol for Families

Refund Policy – NEW for fall 2020

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