Dear HPNC Supporter,

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Club has served our community’s children and families for almost 111 years, through good times and through very challenging ones. Thanks to the dedication, ingenuity, and support of volunteers, donors, and staff working together, it has not only endured, but adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of our community. 

Because of the COVID-19 public health measures and school closures, all regular programming at HPNC was suspended March 16th, leaving it without important revenue. It has all been very disconcerting. Nevertheless, we are still the same HPNC that you know and love and we intend to navigate this difficult time in a way that will make us even stronger on the other side.

With our mission to serve Hyde Park and South Side families and youth front and center, our staff and Board of Directors are taking a number of steps to weather this storm.

  • Serving our Community:
    • HPNC is acting as an Emergency Childcare site for essential employees at the University of Chicago and UC Medical Center. Social distancing and health standards are maintained and kids have plenty of fun and educational activities to fill their days.
    • Early Childhood and After School staff are available through email and actively posting to social media, sharing ideas to keep kids engaged with HPNC activities from home.
  • Working together to maintain financial stability:
    • Board members are working actively with HPNC leadership in several capacities. For example, Board Committee members are assisting staff to identify and apply for federal, state, and local grants and loans that fit HPNC’s mission-based work.
    • The facility team is applying for city and state programs to provide forbearance on utility payments and working to reduce or delay our mortgage payments.
    • The program team is considering how HPNC can respond to changing  conditions and considering how to best position ourselves to serve our families and youth once social distancing mandates are gradually relaxed.

Thank you for your sustained support of HPNC. Your contributions have strengthened our organization, enabling us to navigate this moment of uncertainty with resolve. 

We recognize that many in our community are facing new financial challenges. For those of you who may be fortunate enough to have the capacity to give, please know that a gift in any amount buys us critical time to continue paying staff while we seek to secure loans and grant funding to make up for suspended program revenue. 

HPNC has a remarkable 111-year legacy of adapting and evolving through periods of struggle. We are as committed as ever to staying the course and confident that although times are not predictable right now, we will come out strong, opening our doors wide and joining all of you once again at the schools, the playgrounds, and year-round community events. 

Please take care of yourselves and each other. 


Angela Habr-Paranjape

Executive Director

Board of Directors
Emlyn Eisenach, President – Anne Renna, Vice President – Katrina Carrizales, Treasurer – Valerie Henry, Secretary 

Gordon Dunkley – Eileen Holzhauer – Julia Parzen – Raymond Patrick – Bethany Pickens – Rochelle Robinson-Dukes – Linda Diamond Shapiro – Miriam Sierig – Julie Spielberger – Michael Tilatti