Kids are coming to HPNC from 49 different zip codes

HPNC is now serving more than 700 children and families each year.  Children who come to HPNC come from 32 different schools, 49 zip codes, and 46 community areas throughout the city of Chicago!

People often ask how we are able to pull from such a broad catchment area. Three important explanations are:

1) Our bus!  The HPNC bus picks children up from multiple local schools for our afterschool program. Because Hyde Park is home to both neighborhood Schools and magnet and private schools that draw from throughout the city, by picking kids up from each of those schools HPNC is able to build a community of kids from all over the south side and beyond.

2) Our No-School Vacation Day programming. HPNC is a great choice for families seeking a safe and fun place for their kids when CPS is not in session. Even in a snowstorm some parents have to get to work and, for those who travel from other parts of the city to work in Hyde Park, HPNC is a convenient choice regardless of distance. Kids from as far north as O’Hare and from as far south as Roseland commute in with their parents and get dropped off for a fun day of activity at HPNC while their parents are hard at work. We love to meet kids from all over the city and they have fun meeting one another too!

3. Athletics! The HPNC Tumbling & Acrobatics Program is filling what was previously a significant void on Chicago’s South Side and this summer HPNC ran the only south side Recreational Summer Basketball League for teens! Teens came from all over for the HPNC Summer League and it grew as the summer went on. We are excited for our tumbling program’s success and to bring the HPNC Summer Basketball League back next year.  Thank you to all who help to bring children together for these great programs including the Nike Foundation, several private donors who have generously invested in HPNC athletics, and the many who contribute to scholarship funds that help an unusually diverse group of kids to participate.