At HPNC Children From All backgrounds Learn, Grow, and Thrive as Part of a Supportive and Enriching Community

A Short History 

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Club was founded in 1909 in response to the needs of local youth. Recognizing the challenges and dangers children could face in an early-twentieth-century urban neighborhood, community leaders banded together to create a safe place for boys (and soon girls) to participate in productive and educational activities.

Today, in order to continue to meet young people’s changing needs, HPNC has grown and evolved. With a focus on inclusiveness and diversity, one of our major goals is to support working families at all income levels with high-quality childcare and enrichment programs. HPNC draws young people ages 0-18 from across the South Side. It offers them, their families and caretakers, a broad array of options that include early childhood classesafter-school programs, full-day summer camp,  and athletics.

Consistent with our enduring commitment to changing needs, during the covid-19 public health crisis HPNC is partnering with the University of Chicago and UC Medical Center to provide medical center staff with safe and affordable Emergency Childcare for their elementary age children. 

Click here for more on HPNC’s response to the covid-19 crisis

We approach our next century looking forward to further expansion and evolution of our programs and services. While continuing as a collaborative, well-respected and sustainable organization, HPNC plans to expand into a hub providing even more high-quality, accessible programming to greater numbers of young people and their families on Chicago’s South Side.